5 Hottest Trends in Food Photography

Once you understand the importance of food photography, you should know about the current trends in food photography. Hire only those food photographers who are very well aware of those trends.

5 Hottest Trends in Food Photography

Food in Motion – Motion Photography is the hottest trend in food photography. With the use of animated gifs, the food can be brought in motion. Gifs are like small video clips which can play a very powerful role in storytelling. Gifs are nothing but images in an action loop. Gifs express the thoughts a way better than still photographs.

Less is more – Previously, heavy garnishing and propping of food were done by food photographers to get images more detailed. But, now the trend has changed entirely. These days the concept of “less is more” in trend. This is almost the same in every industry. Earlier, more emphasis was on backdrops and props http://miura-seikotsuin.com/
but, these days, the focus is more on the subject (food item). With fewer elements and props in the image, the food or drink automatically gets focused and catches attention.

Go monochromatic – Earlier, food photographers used to make backgrounds with vibrant multi-colors. But now, people love monochromatic. The food photographers make use of a single-colored background. The mono-color not only looks stylish but elegant too for presentation. Mostly, this trend is used in plant-based food items. The food photographers put in a contrasting tone to the ingredients of the dish to add the vividness.

Using candid images – You will agree on the fact that candid pics are the best one sometimes, no matter they are captured from mobile or DSLR. Brand authenticity is very important these days for almost every business. Candid shots of chefs cooking in restaurants or ingredients grown in-house fields, people dining in the restaurant, etc when posted on social media grab much attention of the audience. These images when posted on a regular basis not only attract potential customers but also helps in building brand trust.

Lighting Experiments – Everyone knows that lighting plays a crucial role in photography. And when it comes to food photography, it becomes even more vital. Soft diffused light has been used by food photographers since time immemorial. But, these days, dramatic lighting is employed b