Different Types of Air Conditioning Units and Its Efficiency

One of the most important electrical appliances includes air conditioning units. These units are used for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. Known to provide comfortable living conditions by controlling temperature to an appropriate level, these units are used all over the world by millions of people. Various Types of Air Conditioning UnitsThere are different types of air conditioner units that have almost the same functions but are known by different names. Some of the most common and popular AC units include the Window AC, Split AC, Ductless AC, Portable AC, Central AC and Packaged AC. The following sections elaborate on these types of units. Window AC: Usually mounted on walls and windows of buildings, these air conditioning units are considered to be the oldest and cheapest form of cooling units. These conditioning units are usually used for residential Efficiency Heating

purposes as it is quite efficient in cooling smaller areas. The window AC which is mounted on windows has its back end projecting outside and front end into the room which acts as the conditioning unit. Split AC: Unlike the window AC, these air conditioning units have two components- one part is mounted inside the room on walls or floor and the other part is placed outside the room. Split AC is used to cool an entire building with many rooms. Today Split AC is used in most of the commercial buildings as it is more effective and efficient. These conditioning units are also known as Ducted AC units. Packaged AC: These cooling units are designed to cool very large areas. All the parts of this cooling unit are included in one single package and so it is known as packaged air conditioning units. These units are mounted on walls as well as roof tops. An added advantage of this cooling unit is that it works efficiently and silently. Compared to the other cooling units, these conditioners are considered one of the best. Central AC: The centralised air conditioning units are widely used in commercial buildings, movie theatres, shopping malls and other large areas which require huge cooling capacities. Portable AC: Also known as mobile AC units, the Portable AC is one of the most compact varieties which are suitable for people who travel constantly. It need not be mounted on walls and can be transported easily. Though it is less efficient than the usual AC, it can be used as alternative conditioning units. Ductless AC: These cooling units can be efficiently used in areas with no ducts. Similar to the Split AC, the Ductless conditioning units have two parts and the outer part is placed outside but it is not as efficient as the Split AC. It is seldom used for cooling larger areas.