The present day monuments of Edinburgh are the efforts of conservation architects

A culturally rich and historic city like Edinburgh has many amazing historical monuments and buildings and if you have visited and amazingly scenic city lately you will vouch for the well maintained and well preserved monuments which leave you in awe. Any culturally rich city has to take all efforts possible to maintain and preserve its ancients, historic monuments and this is where a conservation architect comes into the picture. and An architect who specializes in the preservation and restoration of ancient buildings and monuments is known as a conservation architect.


When you look around the city of Edinburgh you will assume by the great architectural wonders of the city that there is no dearth of skill and experience of the architect, Edinburgh. With so many ancient buildings and monuments which form an integral part of the city’s rich culture and heritage, conservation architects are sure to be found and they definitely would be excelling in their field.

Important aspects of conservation architecture are saving, maintaining and extending the life of the structure or the building. The entire conservation process has to be done with the building fabric and nature with the least amount of intervention.  The art of skillful restoration lies in the art of trying to preserve what ancient, natural fabrics already exist in the building and only adding what fabric is necessary to prolong the life of the building. Here the conservation architect has to be well trained and qualified to ensure that the historic essence of the building is maintained and there is no extensive tampering with the business.

The entire restoration procedure entails a reinstating of the structure, its fabric, design, detail to that one of previous time or to its original state. Many architectural firms in Edinburgh give special training to architects in the field of conservation and restoration architecture. With the many ancient monuments and historical buildings in the great city of Edinburgh it isn’t surprising that conservation architecture is one of the major specializations in the field of architecture.

Three major restoration projects have been taken up by conservation architects in Edinburgh and they have been beautifully restored. On seeing them it will be difficult to tell that these ancient, historic buildings have been restored. They seem just as perfect as the day they were first constructed. There have been many projects on Lenox Street, Edinburgh which also have been taken up for resto