Gold mines in Johannesburg

The largest gold mines resources are discovered in the area of Witwatersrand. South Africa is one of the world producers in gold mining. There are many mines in Johannesburg. Johannesburg’s gold mining industry was established when a good reef which is very large is discovered in 1886 on isolated farm. Thousands of gold speculators are discovered. The Gold mines in Johannesburg make it largest city in South Africa. After discovering the mines it becomes a largest city in South Africa. Johannesburg has deepest gold mines in the world.The main gold and diamond mining houses have their headquarter offices in Johannesburg. The main gold and diamond mining houses are Anglo American and De Beers.In Johannesburg there are 159 mines. 44 mines are of them gold mines. Usually most of mining in Johannesburg is for gold. Gold mining is basically providing thousands of jobs to peoples so the economy is also rising. In Johannesburg gold mining is less important than the manufacturing sector and financial sector. In Johannesburg mining is producing only 6% of total income and export earning from mining is a31% percent.The geo thermal surroundings in South Africa are positive. Yet vast machinery and air-conditioning are needed to make the working circumstances underground bearable. The Johannesburg is also famous as the Egoli which means the city of gold. The gold is mined at very bottom. It is a very hard job to produce gold. Gold prices are dramatically increased in the world. The gold industries in Johannesburg have been the main focus of black economic empowerment. Due to increase of the prices of gold the investment in gold has also increased. Investors start investing their money in gold. In 2009 demand for gold has also increased especially from China and India. In Johannes burg there are many reserves of the gold. The Witwatersrand basin is the first place where gold is discovered. The gold is mined in this area for more than 100 years and it produced more than 41000 tons of gold which is enormous quantity.Working at the gold mines are really tough so the per hour rate is also high for the mining gold. According to government officials and experts they thought that acidic water which is flowing from the old gold mines is very dangerous for the environment as well as for the employees. Due to acidic water coming from the gold mines is nearly damaging the city of gold Johannesburg. The biggest firms and vast population are one of the biggest problems for Johannesburg. The gold mining is hard task and needs professional skills. The biggest entertaining park in Johannesburg is Gold reef city which is situated at the old mine. This park is a great attraction for the locals and tourists. In Gold Reef Park there is also a museum which is purely devoted for the gold mining. In museum there is a complete history of mining the gold. Gold mines in Johannesburg are of the great interest for the gold mining companies. Many biggest companies are operating in the Johannesburg.


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